Mike Weeks is a personal change and wellbeing expert. He co-writes and presents the lessons for Un-Train Your Brain, as well as facilitating workshops around the world on subjects such as stress resilience, relationships, parenting, personal effectiveness and public speaking.

Mike escaped from a less than pleasant home life when he was 17 years old, deciding to up and travel the world as a full time rock climber who often went without ropes in deadly situations.

In 2005 Mike coached and trained Jack Osbourne for a globally aired TV series. Jack’s transformation from overweight celebrity to hardened mountain man was nothing short of miraculous. On the back of such success Mike was inundated with requests, so he studied numerous change and coaching models until he met his mentor, John Grinder, the genius co-creator of NLP.

Setting up as a full time ‘agent of change’, Mike has worked for over a decade with a hugely diverse client base, from kids in the slums of Haiti to premiere league football players, actors, military special forces and owners of billion dollar companies.

In 2015 Mike decided it was time to offer as many people possible the life changing methods he uses in his client work. That’s when ‘Un-train Your Brain’ came into existence. Mike’s first book by that title is published through Vermilion and is accompanied by an early stage app that provides readers with easy to follow videos of the exercises in the book.

Mike has been featured in paper and TV press, appearing in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and many more.


He currently lives in Venice, California, with his wife and two sons. He climbs regularly and falls off of his surfboard a lot.